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In 2013, the snooker section at the club continued with the Friday Snooker Nights, which had participants who played the game up to the best of expectations with the snooker table that was being used. Other snooker events were the Sports Festival 2013 and the Snooker League 2013. The snooker league had no winner in 2013 but this year the league will start in February and members will be playing for the Chambers Cup. Well done to all budding cue practitioners who participated in the different events during 2013.

At the beginning of 2014 there will be a new cloth and new cushions on the snooker table. New cues will have been purchased and the cue-rests will be refurbished. This year playing a game of snooker at the Club will be far more pleasurable for members as the repairs to both the table and the equipment will enable snooker players to feel a difference with the improvements. It is now hoped that more members will want to take advantage of the new facilities and enjoy playing much more.

The snooker section welcomes members on the first Friday of every month to join in at the Snooker Night and also the Snooker League 2014. Now that the table and equipment has been restored and refurbished we would kindly request members to ensure they treat the materials with care and follow the rules.

The snooker section will again be making improvements to the room during 2014 with further maintenance. We will ensure that all materials used are of the best quality in order to help all members obtain the best results, including hopefully a score of 147! All who are interested in the game will be kept advised on any matters to do with snooker at the club through Nihal and Nuno of the snooker section.

The Snooker Section

 Nihal Rajani and Nuno Arriscado

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